Meet the Team

Boudoir by MGP is a photography studio based out of Sigourney, Iowa

I'm Alley
Hi there!
I'm the lady behind the lens and I always hate doing these about me blurbs.

Honestly I am just sort of a confused penguin that believes in so much more than what society says we as women are supposed to or allowed to do and be. I believe in making change however you can, with whatever you have, wherever you're at. But I'm also an introverted chicken shit.

I have three daughters that I pray will learn to be comfortable in their own bodies.

I live off of coffee and water. I REALLY like pizza and most other foods. Chocolate is also a love language.

I dream of the moment every single client walks out the door after her session feeling like a million bucks.

And I'm human. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes sometimes too. But I try my very best to be exactly who I want to be.